• Employee Outsourcing Open or Close

    Our team of well trained professionals in Administration, Accounting, HR, Procurement and Domestic Services are available to provide employee outsourcing service, relieving your organization to concentrate on its core business. We offer two options with this service: Employee Outsourcing Only and Employee Outsourcing with People Management. The advantages of outsourcing a portion of your non-technical operations to us are;

    •     You have access to expertise that is not available internally
    •     You directly reduce your  risk  and operational cost
    •     You are not directly responsible for the management of outsource employees when the option of ‘people management’ is selected
  • Domestic Services Open or Close

    Recruitment Consulting

    Our recruitment support to clients includes;

    ·         Recruitment of Housekeepers and room attendants

    ·         Recruitment of Kitchen staff (Chef, Cooks, Stewards) , Waiters, Barmen,

    ·         Providing panel resource support on job interviews


    Housekeeping Service

    We offer housekeeping services to hotels, apartments and guest houses.


    Housekeeping services provided include;

    ·         Dusting and Polishing of all surfaces

    ·         Vacuuming of carpets and cleaning of non-carpeted flooring;

    ·         Laying of beds and cleaning of bathrooms

    ·         Grounds keeping

    Staff are assigned to work at the schedule times providing professional services at negotiable rates


    Waiting Services

     Our Domestic Services Unit provides Professional Waiters for events and banquets on project and contract basis

  • Organizational Development Open or Close

    With an experienced team of Human Resource & Business Management Professionals we support your organization in developing sound organizational development programs aimed at optimizing effectiveness, driving change and achieving organizational goals. We spearhead OD programs that cut across all functions of the organization and align these with your goals, systems, values, processes and culture.

    Our OD intervention programs include

    •     Organizational Learning & Development
    •     Performance Management Systems
    •     Recruitment & Employee On-Boarding
    •     Continuous Audit and Improvement Systems
    •     HR Policy Formulation, Training & Implementation
    •     Career Planning, Succession Planning & Mentoring Programs
    •     Gap Analysis &  Versatility Analysis Support
    •     Project Management  & Operations Models
    •     Employee Engagement , Employee Survey & Communication Systems