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HR Tips

By: Stephen Bruce, PhD, PHR

1. How to Make Your Employees into Brand Ambassadors

If you are looking for a great way to attract new, quality talent, consider the branding technique known as brand ambassadors. These are employees specifically trained to transmit your company message with the goal of finding new hires.Polivka, senior director of Global Employer Branding & Marke...

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By: Jay Schleifer And Steve Bruce

2. The 9 Essential Skills of Human Resources Management – How Many Do You Have?

When we interview a potential new hire, HR professionals assess the candidate against a list of key skills and personal characteristics needed for the job. Let’s turn the tables and see what that list of key attributes would look like for an HR professional.In no way is our list authoritative, but...

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By: Nicole Dominique Le Maire

3. 4 Tips to Get Every New HR Professional Started

In the bustling work environment of an early-stage startup, HR is sometimes a bit of an ad hoc operation: finance covers payroll, operations stores employee data somewhere, and office managers—gotta love ‘em—handle the rest. But once staffing reaches a certain critical mass, a dedicated human ...

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