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 Senior Communications Manager

 Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer and responsible for a team of six (6) communication professionals, the Senior Communications Manager  leads the communications  team of the organization.

Responsibilities and Duties:

 Concept and proposal development

  • Gathers data on client communication needs to inform the development of appropriate communication concepts and proposals to meet their needs
  • Develops Communication proposals, concepts, strategies and plans for clients. This should include concepts, proposals, strategies and plans for digital communication.
  • Presents strategies, concepts and proposals to clients

 Client Communication Needs Analysis 

  • Examines annual operational/marketing plans of clients to determine their communication needs
  • Support clients to undertake their  Editorial Material development (Speeches, Press Releases, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Feature articles, Newsletter sand Brochures) 
  • Attends to client support by undertaking the following;
  • Spokesperson preparation  works  with  clients  to  identify  and  train  appropriate  spokespersons  effectively on client messages
  • Support Channel selection and deployment
  • Works with clients to select appropriate channels for delivering on messages and activities.
  • Awareness and knowledge creation
  • Provides required support to clients in generating awareness and knowledge about their products and services
  • Supports clients with building, managing and sustaining relationships with stakeholders.
  • Media management and relationship building.
  • Supports client with media relations and management as follows: Information sharing.
  • Provides information on client’s operations to the media.
  •  Arranges press coverage for clients’ activities as required.
  •   Cultivates and maintains good relationships with the media.


  • Technical communication support to Business Development
  • Product  development.
  • Advise on new and develop new product and service offerings for the organisation.
  • Proposal Development.
  • Develop technical proposals for pitching to potential clients and in response to Request for Proposals.
  • Participate in pitching for new assignments


  • Community Relations 
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of effective community relations plans including the following:
  • Formative research.
  • Strategy development – information and programme communication Development and implementation of CSR policies, programmers etc
  • Develop Communication Research Concepts instruments
  • Oversees the delivery of Communication Research with reports that include analysis and interpretation of data with relevant recommendations.
  • Planning and Reporting 
  • Develops annual plans from which weekly, monthly and quarterly reports.
  • Prepares reports on work done for clients as required.
  • Supervises the preparation of reports on work done for clients by staff of the department.


  • Supervision/People Management
  • Provides technical communication input to the work of components in the Communications Department
  • Directly supervises the development and implementation of annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly plans
  • Supports the development of reports on the work of the department
  • Undertakes performance reviews of assigned staff
  • Assists in the evaluation and development of technical capabilities of the Communications staff

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