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Executive Recruitment

We have assisted clients over the past years to recruit high caliber Executives and Managers who currently make effective contributions to their organizations. Our Executive Recruitment Service includes;

  • Developing and implementing recruitment policies and procedures
  • Developing job descriptions
  • Advertising job vacancies / conducting shortlist of candidates for vacant roles
  • Conducting psychometric and technical candidate evaluation
  • Providing panel resource support on job interviews

Our focus in our recruitment projects is to ensure your new hire is the right fit for your organization taking into account technical & behavioural competencies as well as organizational cultural fit.

Outsourcing Services

Employee Outsourcing

Our team of well-trained professionals in Administration, Accounting, HR, Procurement and Domestic Services are available to provide employee outsourcing service, relieving your organization to concentrate on its core business. The advantages of outsourcing a portion of your non-technical operations to us are;

  • You have access to expertise that is not available internally
  • You directly reduce your risk and operational cost
  • You are not directly responsible for the management of outsourcing employees when the option of ‘people management’ is selected.

Payroll Management & Salary Administration

Our team of professionals provides payroll support by:

  • Managing your payroll and attending to all statutory payments on a monthly basis. You are therefore relieved of this yoke as well as the difficulty of managing conflicts arising from salary comparisons
  • Assisting in resolving discrepancies in your compensation structure and payments
  • Working with you to develop a Salary Structure if there is not one in place


Our Learning & Development Unit facilitates training programmes aimed at optimizing effectiveness, driving change and achieving goals. We spearhead training programmes that cut across functions of the organization and align these with your goals, systems, values, processes and culture.

Hospitality Services

Hospitality Staff Recruitment

Our  recruitment support to clients in the hospitality sector includes;

  • Recruitment of Hotel Managers, Guest Relation Managers, Cost Controllers, Night Shift Auditors,   Food & Beverage Professionals, Kitchen staff (Chef, Cooks, Stewards),  Waiters, Barmen, amongst others
  • Recruitment of Trained Housekeepers and room attendants
  • Providing panel resource support on job interviews

Waiting Services

Speak to us to provide Professional Waiters for events, launches and banquets on project and contract basis.

Training of  Food & Beverage Staff

Our Resource Persons offer our Beverage Service & Equipment Handling and Professional Waiters Training Programme at our training facility. Courses are also organized at the client’s premises on request. Courses include Beverage Service & Equipment Handling, Professional Housekeeper’s Program, and Professional Waiters Training Programme.

Housekeeping Service

We offer housekeeping services to individuals, corporate institutions, apartments and guesthouses. Housekeeping services provided include; Dusting, Polishing of all surfaces, Vacuuming of carpets and cleaning of non-carpeted flooring; Laying of beds and cleaning bathrooms and Groundskeeping.

Staff are assigned to work at the scheduled times providing professional services at negotiable rates.

Supply of Uniforms

We provide high quality uniforms to the hospitality sector; uniforms for chefs, kitchen, housekeeping, and concierge staff, as well as aprons in various colours and designs. Accessories such Name Tags, Branded Lapel pins are also provided.

Research & Surveys

Our research team provides the following services to support your business operations;

HR Audits

We offer a range of audit solutions to determine whether an organization’s Human Resource Management is in compliance with national regulations and whether the internal HR practices conform to best practice and professional standards in employee management and development.

Employee Engagement Surveys

We conduct surveys to measure employee’s engagement to the organization in the interest of promoting a positive psychological contract between the organization and the workforce.

Compensation and Benefits Survey

Our Research team supports your organization in conducting compensation surveys across industries.

Client / Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Our Client / Customer surveys seek to measure the quality of offerings clients present to their customers as well as other useful dynamics which influence brand and sales optimization

Recruitment of Research Assistants & Survey Support Staff
We provide Research Assistants & Survey Support Staff for your research projects.

Recruitment of Research Assistants & Survey Support Staff

We provide Research Assistants & Survey Support Staff for your research projects.

HR Consulting

HR Bureau Ghana has over the years provided consulting services to clients across various sectors through the following:

  • HR Best Practice Management
  • Employee on-boarding & induction systems
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Conducting psychometric and technical candidate evaluation
  • HR Policy Formulation, Training & Implementation
  • Career Planning, Succession Planning & Mentoring Programs
  • Gap Analysis & Versatility Analysis Support
  • Project Management & Operations Models

HR Bureau Ghana is a total HR solutions company providing client focused solutions through innovation, competence and professionalism.

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