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Employee Outsourcing

Our team of well-trained professionals in Administration, Accounting, HR, Procurement and Domestic Services are available to provide employee outsourcing service, relieving your organization to concentrate on its core business. The advantages of outsourcing a portion of your non-technical operations to us are;

You have access to expertise that is not available internally
You directly reduce your risk and operational cost
You are not directly responsible for the management of outsourcing employees when the option of ‘people management’ is selected.

Payroll Management & Salary Administration

Our team of professionals provides payroll support by:

Managing your payroll and attending to all statutory payments on a monthly basis. You are therefore relieved of this yoke as well as the difficulty of managing conflicts arising from salary comparisons
Assisting in resolving discrepancies in your compensation structure and payments
Working with you to develop a Salary Structure if there is not one in place

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