Employment Outsourcing

Our team of highly trained professionals in Administration, Accounting, Human Resources, Procurement, and Hospitality Services is available to provide employee outsourcing services, allowing your company to focus on its core business.

The benefits of outsourcing a portion of your non-technical operations to us are as follows:

  • You gain access to expertise that is not available internally
  • You directly reduce risk and operational costs
  • When the ‘people management’ option is selected, you are not directly responsible for the management of outsourcing employees.

Payroll Management & Salary Administration

Payroll and salary administration can be difficult and even frightening at times. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ll process your payroll, manage deductions, make time tracking easier, and assist you with compliance, records, and reports. Our payroll team will assist you:

  • Manage your payroll and attend to all statutory payments on a monthly basis. As a result, you are free of this yoke as well as the difficulty of resolving conflicts caused by salary comparisons.
  • Resolve inconsistencies in your compensation structure and payments
  • To develop a salary structure if one does not already exist.