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Research & Surveys

Our research team provides the following services to support your business operations;

HR Audits

We offer a range of audit solutions to determine whether an organization’s Human Resource Management is in compliance with national regulations and whether the internal HR practices conform to best practice and professional standards in employee management and development.

Employee Engagement Surveys

We conduct surveys to measure employee’s engagement to the organization in the interest of promoting a positive psychological contract between the organization and the workforce.

Compensation and Benefits Survey

Our Research team supports your organization in conducting compensation surveys across industries.

Client / Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Our Client / Customer surveys seek to measure the quality of offerings clients present to their customers as well as other useful dynamics which influence brand and sales optimization

Recruitment of Research Assistants & Survey Support Staff

We provide Research Assistants & Survey Support Staff for your research projects.

Our team at HR Bureau Ghana is dedicated to providing innovative and client-focused HR solutions.



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Executive Recruitment

Our executive recruitment solutions provides your team with top talent which seamlessly integates with your strategic vision.

Outsourcing Services

Our outsourcing solutions allow you to focus and optimize your core business while we diligently manage non - core functions with our expertise

Hospitality Services

We offer specialized hospitality industry oriented services ranging from hospitality staffing , to training , waiting and house keeping services

Research & Surveys

Our Advanced business Research services allow you to make intelligent data backed decisions for enhanced productivity expanded business opportunities and cost savings .

HR Consulting

Our consultants offer personalized guidance on compliance, talent management, and organizational development, aligning with your distinctive business objectives.


Our training programs are dedicated to enhancing professional growth development through tailored programs for personnel development and company success.

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